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New service: GoRing Without Borders

GoRing offer you an affordable solution for your communication needs when you are in the United States. This service is provided by, a well established security and technology firm in Florida since 2009. Many of our Canadian clients and friends have told us about the astronomical costs associated with their communication while on vacation among us.

It is very expensive to use your Canadian cell phone abroad by asking your provider for a package that includes this possibility. GoRing finally offers you an affordable solution to meet your needs.

No long-term contract!
Whether your needs are for a month or several months, we offer you the opportunity to communicate with Canada in both directions without having a long-term agreement with us.

Customized services, tailored to your needs.
Our service packages vary according to your needs. Whether it's just making calls to the US and Canada, texting or even Internet access on your cell phone, we have a solution for you.

How does it work and what should I do?
First, you need to have your Canadian device unlocked. As you probably know, the CRTC recently ordered Canadian cellular companies to allow you to unlock your devices to make them compatible with the use of a foreign SIM card. Until December 1, 2017, you can have your devices unlocked by your current provider at a cost of $ 50 CDN. However, after December 1, 2017, this fee will be waived even if you are still "under contract" with your supplier.

Exclusive Service: “GoRing Without Borders”
Receive calls from your friends in Canada without long distance charges for you or them!

We include in all our packages, a local telephone number in your region in Canada. This number will serve as a link between Canada and the USA. You can redirect incoming calls received on your Canadian cellular number or even from your home, to this number.

When your calls are forwarded, this assigned Canadian local number will be redirected to your new cellular line in the USA. As a result, you can continue to receive calls from your Canadian friends or business partners without incurring long distance charges. This call forwarding service is included in all our packages at no extra charge.

Calling Canada
This "US" cellular phone line will work on your Canadian cellular phone by replacing the current Canadian SIM card with the one we will provide you. This SIM card will be used during your stay in the USA. Just before crossing the border back to Canada, you simply replace the US SIM card with your Canadian SIM card.

You can make calls anywhere in the USA and Canada with all our packages.

Internet service
By choosing either our Gold or Platinum package, your device will also allow you to browse the web at high speed. A shared connection with your laptop or tablet is also possible, without restriction.

That sounds too good to be true!
Yet this is what GoRing offers you for an affordable monthly cost starting at $ 24.95 US.
An activation fee of $25 US, which includes the SIM card as well as the services activation, will be waived if you subscribe to our services for a period of more than 3 months.

Cost of the different packages available and what is included:

Bronze Package: $24.95 / month
Incoming and outgoing calling minutes: 500
Text messages: 200
Internet: 0 Gb
Exclusive Service: “GoRing Without Borders”: Included

Silver Package: $34.95 / month
Incoming and outgoing calling minutes: 1000
Text messages: 1000
Internet: 0 Gb
Exclusive Service: “GoRing Without Borders”: Included

Gold Package: $44.95 / month
Incoming and outgoing calling minutes: 1000
Text messages: 1000
Internet: 1 Gb
Exclusive Service: “GoRing Without Borders”: Included

Platinum Package: $49.95 / month
Incoming and outgoing calling minutes: 1500
Text: 1000
Internet: 2 Gb
Exclusive Service: “GoRing Without Borders”: Included

What is not included in our packages:
Calls made outside the USA and Canada are billed separately depending on the country being called. Same thing if you use our services travelling outside the USA. Additionally, calls made to directory assistance 411 will be charged at the rate of $1.50. Taxes are not included.

How to subscribe?

Simply complete the Subscription Form below and we will contact you to establish the service.

If you wish to rent a cellular phone in the USA, we will be happy to provide you with this service for a small monthly fee.

Have a great holiday in the USA and hope to have the pleasure of serving you shortly.

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